Activity: Yle's activities

Date:  30th January 2020

Topic: “Role of Public Media"


A reporter from Yle regional news arrived to broadcast live on the morning show. Two Finnish Erasmus students and one teacher were interviewed on-air about the Erasmus event and how it effects young peoples’ lives. (The audio clips cannot be published on the project’s website due to technical and copyright reasons.) Also, other students and teachers had a chance to see the broadcasting van and try some reporters equipment.

After this the Yle reported continued with a presentation on Yle’s activities, with focus on producing news. She told about her own work, making mostly human interest stories in the morning show around the Pirkanmaa region. A discussion arose for instance about how reporters check information backgrounds in news production.
Students were asked to brainstorm about news topics, from local to global, which would interest them. In the debriefing, students brought up especially taboo topics, related for example to crime and sexuality.

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About the project

Headlines: More Than Meets the Eye  is a two year Erasmus+/KA229 School Exchange Partnerships running 2018-2020. The partnership consists of 4 partners, Finland, Spain, Germany and Greece