Headlines: More Than Meets the Eye

is a two year Erasmus+/KA229 School Exchange Partnerships running 2018-2020.  Erasmus+ is an EU programme for education, training, youth and sport.

Partners: Finland (Virrat), France\Germany (Saarbrucken), Greece (Patras), Spain (Madrid)

Coordinator: France\Germany (Saarbrucken)

The purpose of our project is to work on the theme "Europe and the media and Europe in the media" with 15-16 years old pupils.
The topics we would like to cover are the ways news is treated differently across Europe, fake news, how each participant country is perceived by the other partners.
The results we expect from the pupils are podcasts, web radio reports, newspapers front pages, articles, exhibitions...
The aim of the project is to educate pupils to the media and to the use of information technology. It will also strive to promote objectivity and a critical spirit.
Besides, the project will also emphasize the values carried by the Erasmus+ programme:
- Encouraging mobility across Europe.
- Improving linguistic skills.
- Creating a sense of belonging to the European community.
- Developing social skills.


The main motivation underlying our project application is that we are convinced that the media and the information they disseminate are essential components of a healthy, democratic and progressive society.
Through a combination of practical activities and analysis, our purpose is to shed light on the construction and the dissemination of news.
We would also like to compare the mutual views the partners have about each other in the media, find the similarities and explore the differences in the way current affairs are covered in the different participating countries.
To put it in a nutshell, we intend to promote citizenship awareness and democratic values among our pupils.
Our purpose is also to encourage the use of ICT and foreign languages, which are always important by-products of Erasmus projects. 
Through activities like comparing their national front pages, acting as journalists and producing podcasts, we encourage them to be actors and not merely passive consumers of news.


The results we expect from the pupils are podcasts, web radio reports, newspapers front pages, articles, exhibitions.
Our final product will be a public Twispace and a webpage as well with all our activcities and results.
Thanks to successful past Comenius and Erasmus+ projects, we can already see the positive impact they had on the schools in terms of team work. The interest in a new project has increased and the team has gained new members. A new project would strengthen and ensure the culture of international projects in the schools involved and it emphasizes the educational values our schools stand for. It maintains links between schools and other stakeholders (companies, universities, local organisations and administrations) which are already in place thanks to former projects in all school involved. It will promote European cooperation.
For the participating schools, the project will show a positive image of a school involved in international activities and opened to the world.

About the project

Headlines: More Than Meets the Eye  is a two year Erasmus+/KA229 School Exchange Partnerships running 2018-2020. The partnership consists of 4 partners, Finland, Spain, Germany and Greece