Activity: Radio workshop with the Vaughan systems

Date: January 2019

Topic:Diverse Perspectives on current headlines”

Place: Zola-Las Rozas

Teams: 9 teams of 5 people from each nationality


Small Radio programs (see results)

Activity Goals

  • Critical thinking
  • Gain social skills.
  • Learn how to create a radio show
  • Learn to work in teams.
  • Improve English language skills.


  • Microphones
  • Podcast mixer


  • The students took part in a radio show which aim was practicing their English skills. The radio show is broadcast by Vaughan radio and can be listen on Saturdays and Sundays at 12.30pm





About the project

Headlines: More Than Meets the Eye  is a two year Erasmus+/KA229 School Exchange Partnerships running 2018-2020. The partnership consists of 4 partners, Finland, Spain, Germany and Greece