Results of Activity: Partner countries in our media.

Date: 13 May 2019

Topic:Pupils review media coverage of the project partners”

Place: General Lyceum of Vrachneika


Phase I - Stereotypes & prejudices


Result of Activity: Broadcast a Live Radio program

Date: January 2019

 On Friday 17 May 2019, the last day of our 2nd short-term exchange in Patra-Greece, a team of 8 students from all participating countries went to the Radio station of Patras university “UP FM” ( and broadcast a live radio program inspired by the meeting. They talked about the activities which took place during the meeting, the sights, the food, the host families and their impressions in general.


The result of the activity: Students observe and summarize news about partner countries in their national media

Date: 1st-31st March 2019

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Results of Activity: Pupils turn into reporters

Date: 14 & 17 May 2019

Topic: “Reportage about Messolonghi lagoon”

Location: Messolonghi lagoon, Saltworks of Messolonghi + Working at school

Teams: 6 (4 teams consist of 8 students and 2 of 9 students)

About the project

Headlines: More Than Meets the Eye  is a two year Erasmus+/KA229 School Exchange Partnerships running 2018-2020. The partnership consists of 4 partners, Finland, Spain, Germany and Greece